So letting go of the old is not easy. It requires being able to tolerate the aroused level of anxiety that besets us when ego consciousness is not in control.

James Hollis
Living An Examined Life

The more we resist change, the more we are allied against our own nature and the developmental agenda of our own soul.

James Hollis

How many choose people in their lives who will repeat the pattern for them?

For example, those who have experienced betrayal in their lives often remain attached to the wound and internalize the damaging message of that experience.

Tell me not your religion or your politics, tell me your suffering. Louis Pasteur

In the suffering is where one finds the search for meaning. The horse of suffering visits all of our houses, one way or the other, sooner or later. Jung said, that’s not pathological, that’s life, that’s called suffering. What is pathological is denial of it.

If something in you truly wishes to live, you owe it to at least try to live it, within the best of your capacity and in the context of your social setting.

James Hollis

To really grow and develop, means you will probably have to face some larger measure of anxiety.

James Hollis
On This Journey We Call Life.