“Your great mistake is to act the drama

as if you were alone…

...As if life were a progressive and cunning crime with no witness to the tiny hidden transgressions. To feel abandoned is to deny the intimacy of your surroundings." David Whyte

“Courage is the measure of our heartfelt participation with life…and then to live through the unending vulnerabilities of those consequences.”

David Whyte

My darkness is no darkness to you and nothing you should wish upon yourself, but my light shall also be your light, in which we shall see differently but gloriously….

I am not lame inside me, no matter that I drag my foot, I have run here through all my infirmities to bring you news of a battle already won. Let my last breath speak victory into the world." David Whyte

Something in you dies when you bear the unbearable. And it is only in that dark night of the soul that you are prepared to see as God sees and to love as God loves.” —Ram Dass

Photographer: Jim Anzalone ~ Fireflies in Santa Fe, New Mexico

“The way forward, the way between things, ‘the way’ already walked before you, the path disappearing and re-appearing even as the ground gave way beneath you…

But your loss, your loss brought you here to walk under one name and to walk under one name only...and to find the guise under which all loss can live. Remember you were given that name every day along the way...pilgrim they called you, pilgrim they called you again and again…pilgrim."

Adapted from David Whyte

“The lovely thing about being a pilgrim is… a temporary human identity…

And the pilgrim is someone who has to learn patience for the journey and learn not to wish away the time to arrive, but to actually be present for all of the forces and elements and beauties of the landscape and the people that you pass." Adapted David Whyte

“…Entering and reentering the silence and shelter of (my) own narrow valley of aloneness, from interiority to conversation and back…

So that (I) suddenly realized (I was) given the complete and utter gift of (my) own transparency, the revelation of (my) own exact boundary with the world. The frontier between silence and speech exactly the line (I) must cross to give (myself) while saving (myself)..." David Whyte